Cyber Security Legal Blogs In India

Cyber Security Legal Blogs In IndiaCyber security is a specialised field and is primarily meant for technology people only. However, as the interface of technology started growing and touching the lives of people, governments around the world have started regulating the cyber security aspects.

Even cyber security legal practice is an upcoming field for lawyers around the world. There are very few cyber security law blogs in India. Few of them can be accessed here1, here2, here3 and here4.

Traditionally legal practice in India has been confined to civil and criminal law practices. Now new options are available for the younger generation of lawyers. Some of them include intellectual property laws, cyber laws, gaming laws, etc. As these fields themselves are in their infancy stage, it is no surprise that we have a single techno legal cyber security law firm in India.

Perry4Law is the exclusive techno legal cyber security law firm in India. In fact, the cyber security blogs numbered 1 to 3 mentioned above are managed by Perry4Law Organisation.

Recently Indian government announced that a legislation mandating strict cyber security disclosure norms in India would be formulated very soon. The moment such legislation would come into force, legal issues would arise in abundance. Lawyers would be required to take up cyber security legal cases in India.

India is taking its cyber security very seriously. India announced the cyber security policy 2013 and is in the process of its implementation. Also stress is given to protect critical infrastructures of India. It is only natural that more lawyers and law firms would include cyber security legal practice within their service portfolio.